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Healthcare Program Glossary

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Healthcare Program Glossary

  • COBRA: A law that allows an individual to temporarily keep health coverage if they have experienced a qualifying life event. The COBRA member will have to pay the full amount of the premiums, as the employer will no longer contribute to these expenses.
  • Co-payment: The amount you will pay when you use your healthcare services, as pre-negotiated by the program. If you have not met your yearly deductible amount, you may have to pay more than just the co-payment.
  • Covered services: The medical tests and procedures covered by the insurer. This is typically limited to medically necessary procedures and doesn’t include cosmetic or elective procedures.
  • Deductible: The amount you have to pay upfront and out of pocket for healthcare services before your plan starts to pay. This will vary based on the type of plan you select. High deductible plans might have lower monthly premiums than those with more affordable deductibles.
  • Dependent: An individual for whom a parent, relative, or other person provides healthcare. The person supporting the dependent may claim a personal exemption tax deduction.
  • Health insurance: A program where a person pays monthly to an insurer to be included on a plan. In exchange, the insurer pays a portion of the expenses associated with your preventative and required health care.
  • Health insurance marketplace: A government run website that allows Americans to shop for healthcare regardless of current employment status.
  • Health share ministries: An insurance plan designed to help Christians with shared values gain access to health coverage and health care services.
  • HSA (Health Savings Account): A personal bank account that helps pay for medical expenses. Both the employee and employer may contribute to this type of account. You do need a healthcare plan for this type of account.
  • In-patient services: services provided within a healthcare facility, like a doctor’s office or hospital. These are billed differently than services delivered in the field by emergency care providers.
  • Network: The facilities, providers, and suppliers a health insurer is contracted with to provide healthcare services.
  • Premiums: The monthly amount you must pay to the health insurance company in order to stay in good standing with the plan and receive coverage.

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