If you have immediate questions about your health sharing options, and to learn more about affordable medical health sharing options, please call our hotline and we’ll get you to licensed healthcare specialists who can inform your important health care decision!

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Health Sharing Member Testimonials

Shane B.


“Everyone should make the change. I’m new to health sharing and thus far am loving it. My agent and has been responding within minutes to all of my email inquiries. It’s been wonderful.”

Carol B


“I would like express my gratitude for taking the time to fully go over any questions and or concerns that I had during this transition from my previous insurance provider to a health share ministry. They were very diligent and helpful making sure to keep my mind at ease.”

Theresa W.


“I called and worked with a representative who listened patiently to my needs for health care coverage and found exactly the program I needed and it was affordable. She was very helpful, friendly, patient and knew her information.”

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